DLS-06EW / EX Model Low-Temperature Circulator High Performance

DLS-06EW / EX Model Low-Temperature Circulator High Performance

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Product  Description

Simply connect the equipment to the inlet and outlet of the reactor unit, and add the heat transfer medium from the liquid inlet at the top of the equipment, and open the add liquid button to easily discharge the air in the system, set the temperature requirements, and the system can operate automatically. Heat transfer medium in the closed system, equipped with expansion vessels, expansion vessels in the liquid does not participate in the cycle, whether high or low temperature, the expansion tank temperature is from room temperature to 50 ℃, can reduce the risk of heat absorption in the operation of moisture and volatility. Without changing the heat transfer medium, the temperature control range of -90 to 300°C can be covered.

Product  Features

  • Circulating cooling medium: HTF, industrial alcohol or water-glycol mixture circulates to facilitate cooling and save resources
  • Tight piping design to prevent water pollution circulation, extending the water circulation time
  • Multiple safety protection, more reliable
  • Imported compressor, cold cascade refrigeration technology
  • Using cold technology to ensure the stability of low temperatures
  • It can be set to turn on the compressor and turn off the compressor temperature difference
  • Ambient temperature detection function to prevent the system operation environment  temperature from too high
  • A variety of fault alarm (over-temperature alarm, sensor alarm, high pressure alarm, compressor overheating alarm, level alarm)
  • A fully enclosed  design, low temperature process without running water, to ensure the purity of the cold heat transfer medium
  • Prevent ice crystals from appearing, providing thermal fluid life
  • High-performance circulating pump, can ensure continuous operation 24 hours a day
  • Using cold plate heat exchanger to provide heat transfer efficiency

Product Application

Suitable for heavy-duty, energy, food, pharmaceutical, bioengineering, metallurgical and other industrial processes that need to work under low temperature conditions

Product  Parameter


Temperature control and displayFuzzy PID adaptive controller and LCD liquid crystal display
Temperature control modelCooling medium outlet temperature control
Temperature feedbackBuilt-in refrigerant medium PT100 feedback
Refrigeration output-60℃6Kw12Kw
Circulating pump flow rate/ PressureMax75L / min 1.5barMax150L / min 3bar
Storage tank volume50L200L
EvaporatorAroma plate heat exchanger, Danfoss solenoid valve and filter drier
Refrigeration compressors5P * 2 Copeland10P * 2 BITZER
Compressor cooling water1600l / min,1.5-4bar3000l / min,1.5-4bar
CondenserShell and tube type water-cooled condenser
Operation panelTouch button, LCD screen display
Safety protectionoverload protection of refrigeration unit, high pressure switch
overload relay, thermal protection device
other safety protection functions
Electrical control componentsSiemens; Schnelder; Omrom and other well-known brands
Eco-friendly refrigerantsR404A + R23R404A + R23
Refrigerant specificationsDN25 * 2DN50 * 2
Inlets and outlets
Supply voltage and powerthree-phase,AC480V / 60Hz / 13kwthree-phase,AC480V / 60Hz / 13kw
Dimension1200 * 1000 * 1400mm2000 * 1500 * 2000mm
Shell Materialcold-roller sheet coatingcold-roller sheet coating

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