HPLC Chromatography Manufacturer HPLC System 1

HPLC Chromatography Manufacturer HPLC System 1

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High Performance Liquid Chromatography HPLC System  

HPLC system has the features of high efficiency, automatic operation and anti-explosion,etc. 

It can be applied to the separation of pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, phytochemical fields, and food industry, etc. 

HPLC system consists of injection, detection, collection, controlling and data processing modules. 

System design totally meets requirements of GMP and FDA. 

Its integrated modules can realize balance, injection, flushing, elution, auto collection, CIP and other processes. 

Liquid chromatography and accessories:

1. Solvent delivery system + sample introduction system + separation system + detector
2. Solvent delivery system: solvent container/ high-pressure pump/ gradient elution
3. sample introduction system: six-port valve/ autosampler
4. separation system: chromatographic column
5. Detector: UV detector/ refractive index detector

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