HR-2250 Series Heating Circulator For Constant Temperature Control Of Material and Equipment

HR-2250 Series Heating Circulator For Constant Temperature Control Of Material and Equipment

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Product  Description

Only need to connect the equipment with the liquid inlet and outlet of reactor device, from the top of the equipment liquid inlet add in the heat transfer medium, turn on add liquid button can easily remove the air in the system, set the temperature requirements, the system can run automatically. The heat transfer medium in a  closed system, with expansion container, the liquid in the expansion container not participate in the circulation,either high or low temperature,expansion tank temperature is from room temperature to 50℃,can reduce the risk of heat absorption of moisture and volatile in the operation. In case of no changing the heat transfer medium, can be covered room temperature to 200/300℃ temperature control range.

Product  Features

  • HR series of products can be carried out continuous heating or cooling from room temperature to 300 degrees
  • The circulation pipeline is enclosed, high temperature without volatile oil mist,oil will not be oxidation and Browning
  • With the function of correcting internal circulation temperature probr PT100 probe
  • The liquid circulation system is closed, the system with expansion vessel. The expansion vessel and the liquid circulation is adiabatic, does not participate in the liquid circulation, just connected. Although the temperature of liquid circulation is under the condition of high temperature in expansion vessel is lower than 60 degrees
  • High lift design, to meet the requirements of long-distance transportation conducting medium


Application Examples

  • Chemical, pharmaceutical or biotechnology reactor;
  • Control mixing tank temperature;
  • Metal (glass) double layer reactor;
  • Thermal test platform;
  • Constant temperature control of material and equipment

Product Parameter

Model Temperature(℃)Pump flow(L / min)Pressure(bar)Heating(KW)Cooling capacity(KW)

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