Industrial Multiple High Production Molecular Short Path Distillation

Industrial Multiple High Production Molecular Short Path Distillation

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Wiped Film Molecular Distillation Explained 

Molecular Distillation/Short Path Distillation is a comparatively new separation technology.

It can separate liquid-liquid mixture under temperature that is far lower than boiling point by the difference of mean free path of molecules under high vacuum condition. 

Such separation is difficult or unable to achieve on normal distillation equipment. Molecular Distillation is especially suitable to separate substances of high boiling point, heat sensitive and easy oxidized.

Application for Molecular Distillation System
1. Thermal separation of heat sensitive chemical compounds.
2. The purification of organic synthetic material.
3. The separation of effective components from the biological extracting solution.
4. The recycling of industrial waste.
5. Remove toxic substances in the food industry.
6. The organic compounds' decoloring, and eliminate the unusual smell.
7. High precision to remove residual solvent in chemical compound.

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