LDJ-10/ExdIIIBT4 Model Explosion-proof Low Temperature Refrigerator

LDJ-10/ExdIIIBT4 Model Explosion-proof Low Temperature Refrigerator

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Product description

The high-temperature, medium-low-temperature, low-temperature cryogenic semi-closed piston machine and screw-type low-temperature refrigerator produced by Careddi Technology Co., Ltd. are our company’s technicians who have accumulated many years of experience in the design of medium and low temperature and ultra-low temperature refrigerators, and integrated advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad. A new product designed and developed with practical applications, the product has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, high stability, no staff management, and wide application.

The whole series of units can provide -120℃~300℃ high, medium and low refrigerants of various specifications, suitable for various equipment and places that require high, medium and low cold and heat sources, and are widely used in petrochemicals, medicine, plastics, daily chemicals, and food , Electronics, chemical fiber, solar energy, freezing, cold storage, military industry and other industries.

Product Features

  • Circulating refrigeration medium: synthetic heat transfer oil, industrial alcohol, water and glycol mixture for circulating refrigeration, saving resources; strict piping design prevents circulating pollution and prolongs the use time of circulating water.
  • The use of supercooling technology ensures the stability of the temperature at low temperatures.
  • The temperature difference between turning on the compressor and turning off the compressor can be set
  • Multiple fault alarms (over temperature alarm, sensor alarm, high pressure alarm, compressor overheat alarm, liquid level alarm);
  • Adopting a fully enclosed design, there is no water absorption during low temperature operation, ensuring the purity of the cold heat transfer medium, preventing ice crystals, and prolonging the service life of the refrigerant.
  • High-performance circulating pump can ensure continuous operation for 24 hours a day;
  • Use high-efficiency plate cold heat exchanger to improve heat exchange efficiency.

Product parameter

Product number  


temperature range


Operation control panel

Siemens PLC and control module; set the temperature difference between open and close refrigeration; 7-inch touch screen display input value and temperature curve record functions.

Fully enclosed system

The entire system is a fully enclosed structure design, and does not absorb moisture in the air at low temperatures; during operation, the system will not automatically replenish the cold medium quality due to the pressure rise due to high temperature and low temperature.

safety protection

The refrigeration system has multiple protection functions such as high pressure protection, overcurrent protection, phase sequence and phase failure protection, high temperature protection, sensor failure, low liquid level alarm and so on.

Temperature control mode

Cooling medium outlet temperature control

Cooling capacity -20℃/-40℃


Circulating pump flow/pressure

150L/min; 2.5bar

Storage tank volume


Liquid level indication of liquid storage tank

Adopt glass liquid level indicator

Refrigeration Compressors

German BOCK piston compressor

Compressor condenser

Water cooling

Cooling water requirements

Cooling water flow: 8m³/[email protected]


Taiwan Gaoli Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger

Filter drier; solenoid valve



Expansion valve; pressure protector


Oil separator; gas-liquid separator


Electronic control components

Siemens PLC and control module; Schneider; Omron and other brands

Environmentally friendly refrigerant

U.S. DuPont R404A

Refrigerant import and export specifications


Power supply; total power

3PH/AC380V/50HZ; 15.5KW(MAX)



Piping and storage tank


Chassis shell

Channel steel square tube cold press plate sprayed

Adopt ExdIIBT4 explosion-proof grade

All electronic control components are installed in the control box

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