LDJ-6F Model Cryogenic Freezer Low Temperature Refrigerator

LDJ-6F Model Cryogenic Freezer Low Temperature Refrigerator

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Product Applications

Used in heavy chemical, energy, food, pharmaceutical, bioengineering, metallurgical and other industrial processes that have to be maintained at low temperatures.

Product features

  • Circulating refrigeration medium: synthetic heat transfer oil, industrial alcohol or water to glycol mixture for circulating refrigeration, saving resources.
  • Tight circulation piping design to prevent circulating water pollution and extend the use of circulating water.
  • Multiple safety protection, more reliable operation.
  • Original imported compressor, compound subcooling refrigeration technology.
  • Adopt subcooling technology to ensure the stability of temperature at low temperature.
  • Can be set to open the compressor and turn off the compressor temperature difference.
  • Ambient temperature monitoring function to prevent the system from operating at too high an ambient temperature.
  • A variety of fault alarm (over-temperature alarm, sensor alarm, high pressure alarm, compressor overheating alarm, liquid level alarm).
  • Adopt fully closed design, no water absorption during low-temperature operation, to ensure the purity of cold heat-conducting medium.
  • Prevent ice crystals and provide heat transfer fluid life.
  • High performance cycle, can ensure continuous 24 hours operation per day.
  • Adopt plate type cold and heat exchanger to provide heat transfer efficiency.

Product  Parameter

Temperature Range-40℃~RT
Temperature control and displayFuzzy PID adaptive controller and LCD liquid crystal display
Temperature control selectionCooling medium outlet temperature control
Temperature feedbackBuilt-in refrigerant medium PT100 feedback
Refrigeration output-20℃12KW
Circulating pump flow rate/ PressureMax50L/min;1.5bar
Storage tank volume100L
EvaporatorKaori plate heat exchanger; Danfoss solenoid valve and filter drier
Refrigeration compressors6P*1 COPELAND
Compressor refrigerationnatural cooling
Operation panelTouch button, LCD screen display
Safety protectionEquipped with overload protection of refrigeration unit, high pressure switch, overload relay, thermal protection device, and other safety protection functions
Electric control componentSimens, Schnelder, Omrom and other well-known brands
Refrigerant output interfaceDN25*2
Power supply3 phase, AC480V/60Hz/10KW
Shell materialcold-rolled plate spray

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